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Welcome to Beverly Hills Wine Tours

What We Believe

Beverly Hills Wine Tours specialize in providing a fun and educational wine tasting tour in the heart of Beverly Hills by exclusively partnering up with the BEST wine merchants in town.  Whether you are seeking a relaxing getaway, planning a special occasion, or simply want to enjoy something fun with family and friends, only at Beverly Hills Wine Tours will you find culture, luxury, and superb wines all in one fabulous place.  

We believe a wine tasting experience in Beverly Hills should be just as fabulous as the city itself! Taste the finest selections of chocolate, caviar, cheese, truffles, and of course wine and learn the history behind the iconic wine merchants that keeps our city happy one pour at a time. Immerse in an emporium of wine and tour inside vintage European rooted Vinotecas, Rodeo’s Wine Tasting Salons, Secret Five-Star Hidden Rose Gardens and much more. This is where luxury meets wine and invites you to ‘drink like a star!’

Who We Are

Our team is a close-knit community of Sommeliers; ones that eat, drink, and breathe a lifelong passion for wine. That passion is distinct in every bottle of wine we choose to pour to our guests. BHWT are guided by professional certified Sommeliers who are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about wine. Founded in 2018 by McKeel Robins to highlight the vibrant wine community of Beverly Hills.

The Tour

Beverly Hills Wine Tour is a walking wine tour (15 minutes of walking leaving plenty of time for tasting). Duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours with up to 5 stops. Taking you through the city of Beverly Hills and featuring the best wine bar and wine shops in the world!

Gourmet Pairings

Enjoy gourmet bites, bistro truffle pizzetas, artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards, Ecuadorian imported chocolate, fresh oysters, tasty snacks, and of course delicious wines from our local wine community! Calvisus Caviar selections (optional)

Rich History

Learn the impactful stories behind the iconic wine venues of Beverly Hills while you immerse yourself in an emporium of wine. Taste the culture, the history and the beauty that makes Beverly Hills such a fabulous place to have a wine tasting experience!

Drink like a star

Immerse yourselves in an emporium of wine and tour inside vintage European rooted Vinotecas, Tasting Salons, Secret Five-Star Rosé Gardens and much more! This is where luxury meets wine and invites you to ‘Drink Like A Star!’

Engage your Five Senses

Engage all of the senses in this communal wine and food pairing experience. Here you’ll learn how the delicate interplay of flavor, acid, and salt enhances both wines and cheeses alike. Your dedicated host will guide you on a taste through terroir driven 100% estate grown, certified Napa Green vineyard wine flight.

Be Safe and Enjoy

We value safety and understand that a lot of our guest want to have a special and entertaining wine tasting excursion without the worry of drinking and driving, which is why this safe and fun walking wine tour is so popular! Taking away the hassle of dealing with traffic, or the expensive ride share cost getting to wineries and back, makes our guest so excited to join our tour.

$275.00 Per Person

Receive $25 off your first order from Beverly Hills Wine Tours when you subscribe. Be the first to know about exclusive wine dinners, wine tastings and more!

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